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The Partner Finder interface helps you to locate the right solution provider to build, optimize, and deliver complete PostgreSQL based open source database solutions. It is also useful for existing partners to connect with other program members to develop new business relationships. Find the partner profile that best fits your organization's need and contact them today.


iSys is an IBM, Lenovo, HP and VMware partner who focuses on Financial Services and the Capital Markets, applying its expertise in all aspects of buy-side and sell-side technologies as well as Exchanges, Alternative Trading Systems, MTF, ECN, Dark Pools, hedge funds, MIT, interdealer brokers and other trading venues.  iSys has developed solutions for technology challenges at every stage of the trading process, from the front office trading platforms to the middle and back office reconciliation and administration. 


Somos una compañía especializada en servicios tecnológicos que a través de la calidad y experiencia de nuestros consultores técnicos efectuamos implementaciones de soluciones de base de datos corporativas, replicación, migración a plataformas libres, alta disponibilidad y capacitación a los técnicos de su empresa. Hemos participado en proyectos de gran magnitud tanto en empresas privadas como instituciones públicas. Podemos proveerle alternativas sólidas para mejorar su operación y su inversión en tecnología de base de datos


We specialize in technology services delivered through our highly experienced technical consultants. Our services range from implementing corporate database solutions, replication, migration to free platforms and high availability to technical training. We have participated in major projects in both private companies and public institutions. Our proven, robust product offerings help you to improve your company operations and significantly reduce your investment in database technology.

IT Group

IT Group Inc. (also known as ITG), is an Information Technology solutions provider that endeavours to provide growing organizations with solutions that meet the unique needs of companies ranging from small, medium and large corporations.  ITG helps companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, acquire agility in adapting to market pressures, win closer relationships with customers, and achieve sustained growth for their stakeholders.  We take pride in having a client-centric service framework.  

ITG has offices in the Philippines and Indonesia.  Built upon the strength and excellence of its  people, process, product and technology, our robust and diverse technical  competencies enables us to work with leading top 500 corporations, delivering quality of work and high return of investment.

Our breadth and depth revolves on the following practice areas:  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Enterprise Infrastructure, Business Analytics (BI),  and IT Training and Enablement.


Projekte müssen in der heutigen Zeit maßgeschneidert auf ihre Prozesse, Infrastrukturen und Ressourcen abgebildet werden. Hierzu bedarf es nicht nur eines gesamtheitlichen Blickes auf ihr Unternehmen, sondern auch auf die Anforderungen von Gesetzgebern, Lieferanten, Partnern und Kunden.

All dies bieten wir Ihnen aufgrund vielfacher Projekte in unterschiedlichen Branchenfeldern und Unternehmensgrößen. Gerne beraten wir Sie unverbindlich, wie Sie das Beste aus ihrer Umgebung herausholen können. Nutzen Sie einfach unsere angebotenen Kontaktmöglichkeiten.

Kurz gesagt: Wir bringen ihre Projekte auf den Punkt.


Established in 2003 and headquartered in Singapore with operating offices in Malaysia, iZeno is a premier solution provider of best-of-breed Open Source business applications in the Asia Pacific Region. They have successfully implemented open source solutions such as CRM (SugarCRM), Business Intelligence (JasperSoft) and Infrastructure (Red Hat) solutions for small, medium and large enterprises with revenues up to $10 billion in multiple industry verticals. They work closely with technology leaders like IBM, Oracle, SugarCRM, Jaspersoft, Redhat and No Machine to design optimal solutions that simultaneously improve key business processes and lower technology spending. 

iZeno’s professional services include sales, marketing and customer service process re-engineering and analysis, open source business application consulting, system integration and training. Their experienced team leverages extensive industry and domain experience and flexible tools and methodologies to successfully deliver seamless solutions including implementation, customization, integration, data migration, training and support. 


JackBe's innovative Enterprise Mashup Platform, Presto, combines Web 2.0 principles including SOA and Ajax into rich mashups that deliver any data from any application to any user while meeting the toughest enterprise-grade security and governance requirements.


The JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite is comprised of an interactive reporting server, graphical and ad hoc report design interfaces, OLAP analysis, an ETL data integration engine, and a Java reporting library for scalable small, medium, and large enterprises, for use as either stand-alone or embedded business intelligence applications.


JBoss®, a division of Red Hat®, is the leader in enterprise-class open source middleware. JBoss Enterprise Middleware is comprised of certified, supported platform and framework distributions that are based on Community projects.


Jeskell Systems, LLC is an IBM, Lenovo, Dell and VMware partner and IT solutions provider specializing in the government and aerospace sectors. We have been an IBM Premier Business Partner for more than 14 years, and IBM's largest federal Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for most of the past decade. We provide the latest in high-performance, high-density, energy-efficient server, storage and virtualization technologies, and the requisite engineering services to successfully implement solutions. 

Jinfonet Software

Jinfonet Software provides data visualization and embedded reporting solutions for the enterprise. JReport is a Java-based reporting platform that embeds seamlessly into any application, while delivering reporting, dashboards and analysis via the Web and mobile devices. JReport's intuitive approach to design, deployment and interaction simplifies the work for both developers and end users.