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By Ahsan Hadi, Nov 04, 2016
Backup strategies are critical to enterprise data management, but the time, storage, and management requirements pose a host of challenges. Because companies are managing huge ...
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By Devrim Gündüz, Nov 02, 2016
The increasing deployment of Postgres has brought about new demands for features, capabilities, and tools from developers and database administrators. As the leading ...
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By Kanchan Mohitey, Jun 10, 2016
An established-yet-still-growing trend in software development is the use of a testing framework that allows the automated execution of
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By Zahid Iqbal, May 02, 2016
Data replication has become a more strategic operation as datacenters expand in complexity and geographically. Data is increasingly off-loaded from transactional systems into ...
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By Dave Page, Apr 18, 2016
As you may know, many of us from the pgAdmin team have been hard at work on pgAdmin 4 for some time now. pgAdmin 4 is a complete ...
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By Jason Davis, Apr 14, 2016
EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) developed a high-performance tool for loading data in bulk called EDB*Loader that is twice as fast as PostgreSQL COPY and outperforms standard ...
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By Ahsan Hadi, Nov 18, 2015
This blog was co-written by Jason Davis. EnterpriseDB is about to release an update to the Connectors for Postgres and EDB Postgres. The update will include some new capabilities in the JDBC driver to support connection failover. Connection failover provides automatic and ...
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By Alan Santos, Sep 30, 2015
Database administrators are increasingly examining and adopting Postgres as a cost-effective alternative that maintains the performance, security and stability of traditional database vendors. A recent survey from EnterpriseDB revealed 37% of Postgres users have migrated existing applications from Oracle or Microsoft database systems ...
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By Bobby Bissett, Sep 24, 2015
We've posted two new videos about installing EDB Failover Manager and starting a new EFM cluster. The first video shows the installation and ...
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By Bobby Bissett, Aug 26, 2015
EDB Failover Manager 2.0, released in June, included several changes from 1.X. The user's guide contains
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By Abbas Butt, Jun 26, 2015
Back in March, we wrote about the advances EnterpriseDB was working on to make Postgres Plus Advanced Server compatible with XA interface. If you recall, “the purpose of XA compatibility is to support ...
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By Pierre Fricke, Jun 17, 2015
Database Administrators wrestle with a range of issues to keep the enterprise’s critical data infrastructure running well with virtually no downtime. Not only do they face issues of management and monitoring databases on a continuing basis, but DBAs must also ensure the database infrastructure’s ability to keep running in ...
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By Gary Carter, Jun 08, 2015
Plenty of pixels have spotlighted the database solutions that have emerged to meet the demands of new and bigger data loads. But how this is affecting the database administrator, not so much. Database professionals are under the gun to manage more data, more databases and more database solutions than ever before. These are among the ...
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By Gary Carter, Mar 02, 2015
With the most recent release of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.4, EnterpriseDB (EDB) has also upgraded our database enterprise management console, Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM). The new PEM 5.0 delivers all the enterprise-class tools necessary for DBAs and Developers to easily administer, monitor and tune large Postgres ...
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By Robert Haas, Feb 12, 2015
A very popular standalone NoSQL database solution came under criticism about their security posture this week. It’s not the kind of publicity a database company – or any company for that matter – relishes. Although the vulnerability seems to have been less a problem with the core database than with insecure default ...
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