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By Gary Carter, Jun 21, 2016
One of the most frequent questions we get here at EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) from database administrators (DBAs) and developers is, ...
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By Phil Vacca, Nov 09, 2015
Headaches will come with just about any new project but taking a pause and considering the following steps before getting started with a new Postgres deployment should save you quite a few. Even seasoned DBAs can benefit from a refresh on some of these topics. So, in order to reduce risk, minimize potential post-deployment problems, ...
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By Vibhor Kumar, Oct 21, 2015
EnterpriseDB (EDB) customers who moved/migrated their database from Oracle to EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) frequently ask for Global Temporary Table in PPAS. Currently, PPAS doesn’t support Global Temporary tables. However, there is a way users can achieve this functionality in ...
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By Pierre Fricke, Oct 15, 2015
James Cash Penney, the founder of JCPenney, once said, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” The retail pioneer could be speaking of the forces underway in the database industry that have enabled EnterpriseDB to emerge as a formidable force in the market. The performance ...
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By Mathieu Le Faucheur, Sep 23, 2015
Big Data has come to mean more than massive data loads. It has now come to encompass the ability to process multiple types of unstructured data and to link them to refine the company strategy. It is a complex challenge no question. Indeed, according to
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By Pierre Fricke, Sep 08, 2015
EnterpriseDB (EDB) and Lenovo are promoting a new high-performance, low-cost stack for the enterprise. Pairing the performance gains and costs savings of Lenovo’s new System x servers with EDB’s open source-based Postgres Plus Advanced Server gives businesses the scalability and performance for powering today’s ...
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By Jeannot Bos, Aug 31, 2015
In the Netherlands, municipal budgets have been under intense pressure. Since more must be done with less money, IT managers are looking for alternative database solutions to control IT costs. One of EnterpriseDB’s (EDB) partners in the Netherlands, PinkRoccade Local Government, helps governments develop their cloud-based ...
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By Roald Ruchti, Aug 19, 2015
A clear sign of changing times is the increasing number of companies in the financial services industry moving away from their traditional database solutions. One of the best examples is ABN AMRO Clearing, part of the ...
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By Beth O'Byrne, Jul 24, 2015
The database market is undergoing a transformation, and it’s affecting both the IT department as well as the finance department in businesses today. In fact, as data – and its management and security – becomes increasingly important to business success, the most enduring collaborations in many organizations are being ...
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By Fred Dalrymple, Jul 23, 2015
It’s official – Postgres is taking the world by storm, and the proof is in the clouds. Bad jokes aside, it’s been a busy month for EnterpriseDB as we roll out new partnerships with major cloud platforms in Asia. The recent collaborations we’ve done with Alibaba’s cloud division Aliyun in China and KT ...
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By Mathieu Le Faucheur, Jun 23, 2015
The expanding demand for Postgres across Europe prompted EnterpriseDB (EDB) to raise its profile. My joining EDB to lead the sales and partner development efforts in France was a part of EDB's expansion in Europe. On June 12, EDB rolled out an in-person initiative to introduce its Postgres Plus Advanced Server to prospective ...
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By Jason Davis, Jun 19, 2015
EnterpriseDB and Lenovo have been working together to promote a powerful yet cost-effective choice for customers of Lenovo’s X6 line of enterprise servers. EDB’s engineering team got hold of a Lenovo 3850 X6 and decided to put it through the paces with Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) 9.4 and a pre release version of ...
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By Jason Davis, Apr 16, 2015
The typical data center today contains a patchwork of data management technologies. From enterprise-class relational databases to limited, standalone NoSQL-only solutions to specialized extensions, the arsenal for managing data has become more diverse. And this diverse arsenal is a business imperative because the data has become more ...
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By Ahsan Hadi, Mar 25, 2015
This blog was co-authored by Abbas Butt The research and development team in EnterpriseDB has been working hard in recent months on a solution for XA compatibility. The goal is to make our database, Postgres Plus Advanced Server compatible with the XA standard so it works with commercially available transaction ...
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By Amit Kapila, Mar 18, 2015
Database Management Systems uses MVCC to avoid the problem of Writers blocking Readers and vice-versa, by making use of multiple versions of data. There are essentially two approaches to multi-version concurrency. Approaches for MVCC The first approach is to store multiple versions ...
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