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By Amit Kapila, Jan 27, 2015
In PostgreSQL 9.5, we will see a boost in scalability for read workload when the data can fit in RAM. I ran a pgbench read-only load to compare the performance difference between 9.4 and HEAD (
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By Robert Haas, Dec 22, 2014
It's been over a year since I last blogged about parallelism, so I think I'm past due for an update, especially because some exciting things are happening. First, Amit Kapila has published a
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By Thom Brown, Nov 20, 2014
Documentation is crucial to the success of any software program, particularly open source software (OSS), where new features and functionality are added by many contributors. Like any OSS, PostgreSQL needs to produce accurate, consistent and reliable documentation to guide contributors’ work and reflect the functionality of ...
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By Bruce Momjian, Nov 11, 2014
I just returned from two weeks in Russia, and I am happy to report that Postgres is experiencing strong growth there. I have regularly complained that Russian Postgres adoption was lagging, but the
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By Debra Brucato, Jul 17, 2014
Training is a core part of what EnterpriseDB provides to the user community. And as that community grows and evolves, we always try to revise and revamp our courses to fit users’ needs. Last fall, we rebuilt our training program from the ground up in order to make our classes more dynamic and interactive. We also ...
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By Gary Carter, Jul 02, 2014
EnterpriseDB has long had a close and meaningful relationship with the open source PostgreSQL community. This takes shape in a number of ways, from sponsoring PostgreSQL events worldwide to underwriting organizational and development initiatives by supporting employee contributions to the community. A significant number of the ...
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By Gary Carter, Jun 24, 2014
PostgreSQL has advanced significantly in features and capabilities in recent releases, prompting companies worldwide to accelerate their adoption of PostgreSQL. With this rising interest come more and more queries from users of Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server exploring PostgreSQL (commonly called Postgres) for their individual needs. With ...
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By Bruce Momjian, Jun 14, 2014
If you are near Philadelphia, you are invited to attend the 2014 Postgres Pool Party at my home: When: Saturday, July 26, 2pm to 7pm Where: my home in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania (
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By Keith Alsheimer, Jun 11, 2014
Postgres has the unique ability to act as a powerful data aggregator in many data centers. Bruce Momjian, EnterpriseDB senior database architect and co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, explored this unique and powerful capacity during the recent PG Conf NYC conference. His talk shows how Postgres's ...
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By Keith Alsheimer, May 30, 2014
The PostgreSQL community recently unveiled its next release with a PostgreSQL 9.4 beta candidate for public review and comment. This much-anticipated release kept up the momentum around JSON and features JSONB, a new JSON data type that stores JSON documents in a binary format that doesn’t ...
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By Bruce Momjian, Apr 06, 2014
I just returned from attending PGConf NYC. They had 259 participants, more than double last year's total. The ...
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By Robert Haas, Apr 02, 2014
In addition to talking about PostgreSQL at LSF/MM and Collab, I also learned a few things about the Linux kernel that I had not known before, some of which could have implications for PostgreSQL performance.  These are issues which I haven't heard ...
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By Robert Haas, Mar 31, 2014
Last week, I attended the Linux Storage, Filesystems, and Memory Management summit (LSF/MM) on Monday and Tuesday, and the Linux Collaboration Summit (aka Collab) ...
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By Robert Haas, Mar 13, 2014
Yesterday, Heikki Linnakangas committed this patch: commit a3115f0d9ec1ac93b82156535dc00b10172a4fe7 Author: Heikki Linnakangas Date:   Wed Mar 12 22:46:04 ...
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By EnterpriseDB Author, Mar 12, 2014
A decade ago, most companies faced financial challenges related to the dot-com bubble burst. Today, we’ve just gone through what was likely the worst financial crisis we’ll see in our lifetime. Whatever the reason for the challenges, it’s clear that some technology vendors have been unable to respond to the economics ...
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