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Doug Hunley, Certified System Engineer and Certified Postgres Trainer at EnterpriseDB

Assist customers in defining, implementing, and verifying backup and recovery procedures. Implement database monitoring and trending. Advise on database tuning and scaling. Define and implement replication and high-availability solutions. Architect and assist with migration from non-PostgreSQL databases to PostgreSQL. Work with Engineering team to provide feedback on customer needs and prioritization of feature development. Provide remote PostgreSQL DBA services. Participate in and advocate for the PostgreSQL community..

Doug Hunley, Jan 13, 2015
When a well-prepared DBA begins to consider their Postgres rollout, they should think about their database strategy sooner rather than later. Thinking about key database variables and questions in advance will give you the inside knowledge you need to make you the IT hero as you reveal a solid deployment plan that directly ...
Doug Hunley, Jan 09, 2015
Before you begin a Postgres deployment, it is crucial to think about your database strategy sooner rather than later. Neglecting to do so can result in misallocated resources, limited ability to change, or worse, critical data loss as a result of an outage or disaster. By taking the time to think about some key database ...

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