Author Archive: Jeannot Bos
Jeannot Bos, Sales Director, Europe

Bos is a veteran of the enterprise software market in Europe. He spent 18 years at Oracle serving in various business development and sales leadership roles in Dublin, Ireland, and the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Jeannot Bos, Feb 02, 2016
The Dutch federal government completed a major overhaul last year of its public health care and services systems. In the overhaul, many of the organizational responsibilities of ...
Jeannot Bos, Nov 16, 2015
There remains significant uncertainty about the future of the Government Digital Service (GDS) in following the departure of its primary champion, Mike Bracken, this past summer. There have been some that suggested the GDS is entirely unnecessary and others who say that it should exist in a smaller form in today’s ...
Jeannot Bos, Oct 29, 2015
Red Hat recently hosted its annual Red Hat Forum Benelux in the Netherlands and EnterpriseDB (EDB) was one of the participating local partners. Mike Huseman, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development at EDB, delivered one of the keynote addresses. Huseman was able to highlight the long partnership EDB has ...
Jeannot Bos, Aug 31, 2015
In the Netherlands, municipal budgets have been under intense pressure. Since more must be done with less money, IT managers are looking for alternative database solutions to control IT costs. One of EnterpriseDB’s (EDB) partners in the Netherlands, PinkRoccade Local Government, helps governments develop their cloud-based ...
Jeannot Bos, Jun 18, 2015
Dutch MP Astrid Oosenbrug delivered the opening keynote during an EnterpriseDB seminar in The Hague, Netherlands on the Dutch government’s use of open source software. It’s been a topic of lingering debate in the Netherlands. Since the early 2000’s a number of initiatives to make open source mandatory were largely ...

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