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Mathieu Le Faucher is Sales Director, Southern Europe, and is based in Paris. He has extensive business development experience in emerging technology sectors and has worked with end users and vendors, thus gaining significant insight into the needs of both. In 2008, he founded the Guillaumont company specializing in technology consulting services for businesses. In 2013, Le Faucheur launched Skylander Consulting. Then in 2014, Le Faucher joined MuleSoft Inc. as manager of France and Switzerland. 

Mathieu Le Faucheur, Dec 23, 2015
The number of open source software users is rising – and as Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal and champion of OSS famously said, “The numbers don’t lie.” Among large- and small-to-mid-size enterprises, the demand for open source databases is surging, as organizations seek to replicate the success they ...
Mathieu Le Faucheur, Dec 10, 2015
Fifty billion connected objects will invade the market over the next five years, according to some predictions. However, when we are talking about connected objects, otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT), multiple platforms and technological solutions come to mind. We are living in an interconnected era where ...
Mathieu Le Faucheur, Sep 23, 2015
Big Data has come to mean more than massive data loads. It has now come to encompass the ability to process multiple types of unstructured data and to link them to refine the company strategy. It is a complex challenge no question. Indeed, according to
Mathieu Le Faucheur, Jul 29, 2015
France has been an early and aggressive adopter of open source technology since the beginning of the movement. In 2007, French authorities handed out 175,000 open source equipped memory sticks to high ...
Mathieu Le Faucheur, Jun 23, 2015
The expanding demand for Postgres across Europe prompted EnterpriseDB (EDB) to raise its profile. My joining EDB to lead the sales and partner development efforts in France was a part of EDB's expansion in Europe. On June 12, EDB rolled out an in-person initiative to introduce its Postgres Plus Advanced Server to prospective ...

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