5 Postgres DBA Tips from Dave Page You Don’t Want to Miss

Thursday, October 20, 8:00am EDT
Listen to this special webinar to learn from the father of pgAdmin and EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager, Dave Page, how to efficiently manage your Postgres databases.

The daily life of a DBA can be tough - especially when many tasks are performed manually. That is why smart DBAs are looking for good tools to help them manage their databases more efficiently.

When working with Postgres the must-have tool is pgAdmin or EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) depending on your needs. While pgAdmin helps with simple tasks like creating a database, running SQL, or checking the status of the server, PEM offers those and more, such as advanced functionality for 24x7 monitoring, management and tuning.

During this presentation Dave Page, lead developer of pgAdmin and Vice President and Chief Architect, Tools and Installers, at EnterpriseDB, introduces the following functionalities of pgAdmin and PEM:

  • Examining the performance of a query using the explain plan visualizer in pgAdmin’s Query Tool
  • Examining the performance of a process or session consisting of multiple queries in PEM’s SQL Profiler
  • 24/7 monitoring of Postgres and the underlying host system
  • Capacity management and reporting
  • Alerting the DBA or System Administrator to potential problems.

Watch this webinar to watch pgAdmin and PEM in action and learn how to make your life as a DBA a lot easier.

Target Audience: This presentation is intended for DBAs who are responsible for the administration of Postgres databases, as well as developers who use Postgres for their applications. Participants will learn how pgAdmin and EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager help users to gain confidence and efficiency working with Postgres.

*This presentation is not intended to be formal PostgreSQL DBA training. All EDB webinars are free and the recording will be sent to every registrant. 

Webcast Author: 
Dave Page, Lead Developer of pgAdmin, PostgreSQL Community, VP & Chief Architect, Tools and Installers, EDB
1 hour