How to Realize 168% ROI with EDB Postgres

Thursday, August 18, 1:00pm EDT
The IDC White Paper, sponsored by EnterpriseDB, The Economic and Business Advantages of EDB Postgres Database Solutions, takes a closer look at why enterprises are choosing open source-based relational database management systems (RDBMSs) and in particular, EDB Postgres. IDC’s analysis was based on interviews with EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) customers who reported that EDB provides a cost-effective, scalable, and flexible database platform that meets their evolving business demands for database resources.

Register and attend this Webinar featuring Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software Research, IDC, to learn what organizations can do to manage ongoing database costs and improve their database application development agility, and how and why organizations using EDB Postgres: 

  • achieve a three-year return on investment (ROI) of 168%
  • spend an average of 42% less on operations over three years than on alternative commercial and open source database solutions; and
  • avoid vendor lock-in, a concern commonly expressed by the companies interviewed. 

In addition to reducing costs, Pierre Fricke, VP of Product Marketing, EDB, will present how enterprises’ make the decision to pursue an open source RDBMSs because they are often easier to administer and more flexible, they yield staff time savings and greater operational flexibility.

About the Webinar Speakers:

Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software Research, IDC

Carl Olofson has performed research and analysis for IDC since 1997, and manages IDC’s Database Management Software service, as well as advising and guiding the Data Integration Software service. Mr. Olofson’s research involves following sales and technical developments in the structured data management (SDM) markets, including database management systems (DBMS), database development and management software, and data integration and access software, including the vendors of related tools and software systems. Mr. Olofson also contributes to the Big Data Overview report series and provides specialized coverage of Hadoop and other Big Data technologies. Mr. Olofson advises clients on market and technology directions as well as performing supply and demand-side primary research to size, forecast, and segment the database and related software markets. In 2000, Mr. Olofson received IDC's highest award, the James Peacock Memorial Award for professional excellence in market research.

Mr. Olofson has worked in the IT industry since 1978, including two years of application development consulting, 10 years of database and tools software development, four years of product consulting, and three years as a senior product manager.

Pierre Fricke, Vice President, Product Marketing, EDB

Pierre Fricke is EDB’s Vice President of Product Marketing. In this role, he leads driving the business forward with marketing of its products, services and solutions. He helps liberate enterprises from expensive DBMSs so they can drive digital business. Pierre has more than three decades experience in enterprise software and was an open source pioneer. Prior to joining EDB, Pierre spent 10 years as Director of Product Marketing at Red Hat, which he joined through its acquisition of JBoss in 2006. At Red Hat, he co-led the JBoss integration and BPMS business from infancy to a significant revenue contributor to Red Hat. Pierre first became involved in open source software in 1998 during his 17 years at IBM, and he played a critical role in establishing IBM’s Linux and open source strategy. He also spent five years as an industry analyst with an emphasis on Java and Microsoft application development and integration software. Pierre received his MBA from the University of Texas (Austin) and his BS in Engineering from Tulane University.

Webcast Author: 
Pierre Fricke, VP, Product Marketing, EDB
Carl Olofson, Research VP, Data Management Software Research, IDC
45 min