Powering Database-as-a-Service in your Private Cloud with OpenStack

Tuesday, September 13, 8:00am EDT
Register for this special webinar to gain insight in how you can benefit from an enterprise Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution on OpenStack.

Public cloud computing has been a trend for several years. The benefits in terms of cost, hardware utilization, scalability, and flexibility have lead enterprises to move their applications and data to the cloud. However, when it comes to sensitive data, security remains a widespread concern amongst users. OpenStack addresses this concern by offering a cloud solution with on-premises security.

Aiming to provide customers with flexible deployment options, EnterpriseDB (EDB) developed a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution that integrates with OpenStack and offers fast and easy database provisioning and management for EDB Postgres in your private cloud. EDB Postgres Cloud Management includes constant health and performance monitoring, automatic storage management, elastic scale up for heavy read workloads, self-healing with auto-failover, and point-in-time-recovery if needed.

Join Sandra Wiecki, Director Product Marketing at EnterpriseDB, and Ryan Shoemaker, Software Architect at EnterpriseDB, to learn how to:

  • Automate your IT deployments
  • Instantly spin up and manage new application servers and databases
  • Manage your IT environment easier
  • Boost developer efficiency and satisfaction

Target Audience:This presentation is intended for decision-makers and IT leaders who are in the process of evaluating DBaaS solutions in the private cloud. We will introduce a provisioning solution based on OpenStack to help you overcome the limitations of traditional hardware provisioning and software installation.

Webcast Author: 
Sandra Wiecki, Director, Product Marketing
Ryan Shoemaker, Software Architect
30 min